David Choi – Love

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2009년 10월 4일
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2009년 10월 4일
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요즘 이 사람 노래에 빠져있다. 앨범도 구입.

손가락도 괜찮아 지고 있고 기타를 다시 연습해야한다는 욕구도 불탄다.

David Choi – Love [Only you]
난 이 노래가 무지 좋다

What’s going on?
I still see the frown in your face
It’s so out of place
All you can remember
Is how you felt the other day
You let the small things in your way
But you know that will just keep you down
Loosen your grip, and drop it on the ground

* Love, love, love, love, love
it’s all you need
it’s everything to keep it all together
Love, love, love, love, love,
It perseveres
it always steers to keep you in the right direction

Left here undiscovered
I want to share this gold
With people of the world
Abundantly filling
Every single heart
And here’s the best part
You know that love never brings you down
Let it all out, and shout it all around that

(Repeat *)

Let me tell you something here today
Living life here on the rough terrain
You can lose hope, you can get lost
but you know you’re not that far apart from

(Repeat *)

David Choi – Won’t even start

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